The 72AH is recommended for STOCK ELECTRONIC carts only. AC kits and higher output controller carts need to step up to a 105A or a 70V battery.

Bundle includes:

  • 48V 72AH Eco Battery LiFePo4
  • 48V 15A On Board Battery Charger
  • LCD Battery Monitor
  • 48V to 13.5V Voltage Reducer
  • Installation Kit

For many trolling motor, RV, and motorhome batteries, Eco Batteries are a straight replacement. Everything you need for a hassle-free battery replacement is included with their golf cart batteries!

In comparison to lead acid systems, they charge 3X quicker. There is no memory effect, allowing for flexible charging. Following an 18-hole round, a two-hour recovery period.

Save 75 pounds and over 300 pounds in your fishing boat and RV, respectively.

a high output and extended run durations. Intensify the speed and torque of your golf cart.

Their 8 year guarantee, which is the best in the business, is offered with Eco Batteries. Consequently, changing batteries will be less of a headache.

  • Guaranteed to work with all motor & controller upgrades.
  • The fastest and easiest install in the industry.
  • 80% lighter than lead acid.
  • 30% lighter than other lithium batteries.
  • More speed, more torque and more amp hours.

Warning: This battery is best suited for stock carts or carts with 250A or lower controllers. Use with modified, lifted, or carts with higher amp controllers may result in shortened run times and/or system shutdowns.


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Eco Battery 51V 72Ah (Bundle)


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